A Wide Range of Delicious Hot & Cold Coffee

We think our community deserves the best coffee experience, and we hope to find different ways to give back! Connect with us online (FUSION CUP GRANDE PRAIRIE) to keep up to date with the events, and contests and special offers.

Dating back to the thirteenth century, native to East Africa and first cultivated by the Arabs, coffee beans were once a novelty but over time and trade became commodity. Legends all filled with tales of the sacred “miracle drug” with its revitalizing qualities, and mysteriously enticing aroma. Spreading from the Sufi monasteries of the Yemen in southern Arabia to Egypt, Persia and Turkey, and from the Middle East to the rest of Europe through Italy, coffee plants finally reached the Americas. Today we hope to bring back the quality of the authentic, exquisite experience that was once associated with coffee. We’ve started with providing you with only the highest quality beans, finely ground to make the best cup you’ll ever taste, each time.