It is a place where you may find more than just specialty coffee. We are one stop shop for Hot & Cold Coffee, Fresh Squeezed Juice, Real Fruit Protein Smoothies, Gourmet Wraps, Small Cakes, Bake Goods, Homemade Soups, and Ethnic Food. Thats why we like to call it " FUSION CUP"

Think about that cozy corner sofa you'll come to love in Fusion Cup's ambient environment. Think about the long overdue heart-to-heart with your best friend by the fireplace. Think about that upcoming team-building coffee break with your co-workers. Fusion Cup is perfect for even what you don’t want to think about- like that twenty page final essay you need completed by tomorrow. With the warm and friendly team of baristas and the relaxing lounge (with free Wifi!), you can have your cake and enjoy it too. 






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