On a cold Grande Prairie winter evening, we decided to take our not-yet ready for bedtime toddler son for a walk. However we got really cold, really fast and felt like having a coffee, in a warm and cozy coffee shop. It was then that we realized there was nowhere in the neighbourhood we could go for a coffee and a bite to eat without feeling rushed to leave. After that day- it was as if someone had all but incepted the idea into our minds- we just couldn’t think of Grande Prairie the same way again. We wanted to bring that place of warmth to anyone and everyone in our community because you really deserve it!

After months of planning and designing, we think that Fusion Cup just may be the best Café in town. Whether you’re looking for that fresh, hot cup of morning coffee, that rich and foamy latte you crave, or you’re more of a cold, fruity milkshake person- Fusion Cup is your new go-to place! Complete with a wide selection of fresh baked goodies, soups, salads, sandwiches and gourmet Panini’s, our meal and snack menu has something for everyone.

Think coffee! Think Food! Think Fresh! Think about that cozy corner sofa you’ll come to love in Fusion Cup’s ambient environment. Think about the long overdue heart-to-heart with your best friend by the fireplace. Think about that upcoming team-building coffee break with your co-workers. Fusion Cup is perfect for even what you don’t want to think about, like that twenty page final essay you need completed by tomorrow. With the warm and friendly team of baristas and the relaxing lounge (with free Wi-Fi!), you can have your cake and enjoy it too!

Because we all love to have options, and some days you just don’t like having to pick. We allow you to experience the best of everything in a coffee shop- in one place!    

We think our community deserves the best coffee experience, and we hope to find different ways to give back! Connect with us online to keep up to date with the events, and contests and special offers.

1st location opening summer 2014 



Italian Cream Sodas are available in five flavours 

 Seriously Good 

Fusion cup offers put to 20% discount to Grande Prairie College Students. Please visit our location and take advantage of this amazing amazing  offer !